Greenberry Organics Tea Tree Oil

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About the Organic Tea Tree Oil is proud to offer the Organic Tea Tree Oil, a pure blend of aroma therapeutic goodness for your hair, skin, and body. This oil is sourced from mother earth and provides a range of benefits, including relieving mental stress, reducing acne, and improving overall hair, skin, and body health. It is important to note that the oil should be diluted before direct application.

100% Pure and Organic

The Organic Tea Tree Oil available on is a 100% pure blend of steam-distilled essential oil, derived from the finest organic sources. It is free from any artificial additives or chemicals, making it a natural and safe choice for your skincare routine.

Multipurpose Benefits

This versatile oil offers a multitude of benefits. When mixed with your favorite conditioner or shampoo, it revitalizes your hair, helps control dandruff, and promotes healthier locks. On the skin, it acts as an effective acne-fighting solution, reducing breakouts and inflammation. The oil can also be used for aroma therapy, providing a soothing and refreshing experience.

Usage Precautions

It is important to always dilute the Organic Tea Tree Oil before applying it to your skin. Remember, a little goes a long way. Avoid ingestion and keep the oil away from your eyes, ears, and nose. For pregnant women and children under 5 years of age, it is recommended to consult with a certified practitioner before use.

High-Quality and Certified

The Organic Tea Tree Oil is made with only the best ECOCERT USDA ingredients, ensuring its authenticity and quality. With its pure and organic formulation, you can trust that you are using a premium product for your hair, skin, and body care needs.

Available on

To purchase the Greenberry Organics Tea Tree Oil for Face Care, visit Use the following keywords to find the product: “Greenberry Organics Tea Tree Oil for Face Care,” “Tea Tree Oil for Face Care By Greenberry Organics,” or “Oil for Face Care By Greenberry Organics.” Explore to discover more organic, vegan, and herbal products that promote holistic well-being.



* Mix a few drops in your bath.

* Mix a drop of it with your moisturiser or cream & apply it to clean skin.

* Apply it to your pimple directly.

* Use it as a natural hand sanitizer.


* Mix a drop with your shampoo and wash your hair.

* Mix it with a carrier oil to use it on your hair as a hair oil every day.


* Add a few drops to water and use it as a disinfectant to clean the house.

* Spray it around the house to repel insects.

* Add a few drops of the oil to pet’s bed to keep the fleas away.

About this item

About this item

????ORGANIC TEA TREE OIL – A pure blend of aroma therapeutic Tea Tree Oil meant for Hair, Skin & Body
????ONE OIL FOR ALL SKIN WORRIES – Use it in regular bath by mixing in water, Use it on skin by mixing it with your favourite cream or moisturiser, Use it on Hair by mixing it with your favourite conditioner or shampoo
????BENEFITS – Control Acne, Removes Dandruff, Relieves the Body from extra stress, Stimulates the senses
????PURE FOR SURE – This is one hundred percent pure blend of cosmetic grade tea tree oil
????GOODNESS OF GREENBERRY: Made with only the best ECORCERT & USDA ingredients only. Doesn’t not contain



100% Pure Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca Alternifolia), (USDA Certified Organic),

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