Jovees Face Wash – Strawberry-120ml (Pack of 2)

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Experience Freshness with Jovees Face Wash – Strawberry

An Exclusive Face Wash for Normal to Dry Skin

Revitalize Your Skin:
Indulge in the revitalizing effects of Jovees Face Wash – Strawberry, an exclusive formulation designed for normal to dry skin. Developed through the latest scientific processes, this face wash combines the power of precious herbs, botanicals, and well-treated granules to provide a comprehensive skincare experience.

Gentle Exfoliation:
Unveil a fresh and renewed complexion as the well-treated granules in Jovees Face Wash – Strawberry work their magic. By gently removing dead skin cells from the surface, this face wash helps to reveal smoother and brighter skin. Experience the joy of a revitalized appearance as your skin undergoes a gentle exfoliation process.

Restore Moisture Balance:
Achieve optimal moisture balance with the hydrating properties of Jovees Face Wash – Strawberry. Formulated to address the needs of normal to dry skin, this face wash replenishes essential moisture, leaving your skin soft, supple, and nourished. Embrace the rejuvenating effects of restored moisture balance.

Visibly Fairer and Glowing Skin:
Unlock a visibly fairer and glowing complexion with Jovees Face Wash – Strawberry. Enriched with the goodness of strawberry, this face wash enhances your skin’s radiance, leaving it with a healthy and vibrant glow. Experience the transformation as your skin becomes visibly fairer, glowing, and irresistibly soft.

Elevate Your Skincare Routine:
Make Jovees Face Wash – Strawberry an essential part of your daily skincare routine. Its exclusive formulation ensures a thorough cleanse while addressing the specific needs of normal to dry skin. Embrace the freshness and vitality that this face wash brings to your complexion.

Unlock the Benefits:
Visit to explore the full range of Jovees products, including Face Wash – Strawberry. Discover the benefits of an exclusive face wash developed for normal to dry skin. Choose Jovees for your skincare needs and experience the freshness your skin deserves.

Unleash the Power of Jovees Face Wash – Strawberry and embrace a revitalized and radiant complexion.

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Use Jovees Face Wash – Strawberry for a refreshing cleanse.
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Discover the benefits of Face Wash – Strawberry by Jovees.
Enhance your skincare routine with the refreshing face wash by Jovees.

Visit to explore the full range of Jovees products, including Face Wash – Strawberry. Unlock the potential of a revitalized and radiant complexion with Jovees.

About this item

About this item

Normal Skin Type
Strawberry flavour
Pack Of 2
Size: 120 ml Each



Strawberry extract, Jojoba extract, Vitamin-E, Olivem



Moisten face.
Squeeze out a small amount on your palm.
Massage gently on the face and neck.
Rinse well and pat dry.
Preferably follow with Jovees White Water Lily Moisturizer.

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