Jovees Hair Tonic Liquid-110ml

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Transform your hair with JOVEES Hair Tonic Liquid, a powerful solution designed to nourish your scalp and enhance hair texture. This non-greasy hair tonic is enriched with a blend of natural ingredients like Jatamansi, Amla, Beal, and other herbal and botanical extracts. Let’s explore the benefits of this product:

Nourish Your Scalp and Enhance Hair Texture:
JOVEES Hair Tonic Liquid is formulated to provide essential nutrients to your scalp, promoting a nourished and healthy environment for hair growth. It strengthens the hair shaft, reducing hair fall and breakage, while enhancing the texture and overall quality of your hair. Say goodbye to weak and brittle hair as you embrace the nourishing effects of this potent hair tonic.

Non-Greasy Formula for Effortless Absorption:
With its non-oily formula, JOVEES Hair Tonic Liquid effortlessly penetrates the hair shafts, ensuring optimal absorption of the essential nutrients by the scalp. You won’t have to worry about a greasy residue weighing down your hair. Instead, enjoy the lightweight and non-greasy feel of this hair tonic as it works its magic.

Revitalize Your Scalp and Add Volume to Your Hair:
The powerful blend of natural ingredients in JOVEES Hair Tonic Liquid revitalizes your scalp, promoting a healthier environment for hair growth. It nourishes and strengthens the hair follicles, adding body and volume to your hair. Experience the transformation as your hair becomes fuller, lustrous, and more vibrant.

Incorporate into Your Hair Care Routine:
To experience the remarkable benefits of JOVEES Hair Tonic Liquid, simply apply the tonic to your scalp and gently massage it in for optimal absorption. Make it a regular part of your hair care routine to enjoy long-term results. Regular use will leave your hair looking revitalized, with improved texture and a nourished scalp.

Purchase JOVEES Hair Tonic Liquid:
Don’t miss out on the incredible effects of JOVEES Hair Tonic Liquid! Visit to purchase this remarkable hair care product and witness the transformative results for yourself. Explore the wide range of JOVEES products available to find the perfect fit for your hair care needs. Enhance the natural beauty and vitality of your hair with JOVEES Hair Tonic Liquid.

About this item

About this item

Jovees Amla & Bael Revitalising Hair Tonic 110ml



Jatamansi extract, Amla extract, Beal extract.

How to use

How to use

Rub a few drops into scalp with finger tips and leave on.

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