Jovees Herbal De-Tan Face Wash-720 ml

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Scientifically Crafted Skincare:

Experience the power of science and nature combined in Jovees Herbal De-Tan Face Wash. Each ingredient used in this face wash is carefully processed to ensure that its properties remain intact, offering you an effective solution for removing tanning and dark spots caused by environmental factors.

Combat Tanning and Dark Spots:
Say goodbye to tanning and dark spots with the excellent recipe of Jovees Herbal De-Tan Face Wash. This specially formulated face wash targets the effects of sun exposure and environmental pollutants, helping to improve skin clarity. Witness the transformation as your skin becomes visibly fairer, smoother, and more even-toned.

Gentle Exfoliation with Walnut:
Experience the gentle exfoliation powers of walnut in Jovees Herbal De-Tan Face Wash. This natural ingredient effectively removes dead skin cells and impurities that regular cleansing may not tackle. By scrubbing away dirt and visible blackheads, walnut helps reveal a fresh and rejuvenated complexion.

Antioxidant-Rich Aloe Vera:
Enriched with the goodness of aloe vera, Jovees Herbal De-Tan Face Wash offers antioxidant protection to your skin. Aloe vera safeguards skin cells from free radical damage, promoting a brighter and healthier complexion. Additionally, it contributes to even skin tone, enhancing your natural beauty.

Elevate Your Skincare Routine:
Make Jovees Herbal De-Tan Face Wash a vital part of your daily skincare regimen. Its scientifically crafted formula ensures an effective and gentle cleanse, targeting tanning and dark spots while preserving the natural balance of your skin. Revel in the softness, smoothness, and visible fairness that this face wash provides.

Unlock the Benefits:
Visit to explore the complete range of Jovees products, including Herbal De-Tan Face Wash. Discover the benefits of a scientifically crafted face wash that effectively tackles tanning and dark spots. Choose Jovees for your skincare needs and experience the radiance your skin deserves.

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Visit to explore the complete range of Jovees products, including Herbal De-Tan Face Wash.
Unlock the potential of radiant and flawless skin with Jovees.

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About this item

About this item

100% original imported product
Expiration date: 3 year from the date of manufacture, type: face wash, size type: regular, skin type: all skin types, qunatity: please select quantity from drop down menu, features: herbal / natural, all natural ingredients, cruelty-free/no animal testing, helps removing tanning & dark sports, shall help improve skin clarity, leaving skin soft
Ships from the usa
Delivers in 1-3 weeks
Price includes custom duties and all other applicable taxes



Aloe vera extract,
Green tea leaf extract,
Mallow blossom extract,
Sweet cherry fruit extract,
Carrot extract, Bearberry extract,
Liquorice extract,
Sodium lauryl sulphate,
Sodium cocoyl glutamate,
Disodium cocoyl glutamate,
Coco amido propyl betain,
Sodium benzoate,
C.I.14720 & C.I.15985,
Purified water.

How to use

How to use

Squeeze out a small amount on your palm.
Massage gently on the face and neck.
Rinse well and pat dry.

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