Jovees Herbal Henna Mehandi-75g

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Discover the incredible benefits of Jovees Herbal Henna Mehandi With Extra Conditioning for your hair. This product is specially formulated to strengthen your hair roots and promote hair growth while providing extra conditioning. Let’s explore the key features of this product:

Strengthen Your Hair and Enhance Hair Growth:
Jovees Herbal Henna Mehandi With Extra Conditioning is designed to strengthen your hair roots, leading to healthier and stronger hair. Additionally, it promotes hair growth, helping you achieve the long and luscious locks you desire. Say goodbye to weak and brittle hair and embrace the benefits of this powerful solution.

Experience Silky Smooth Hair:
With the infusion of henna, Jovees Herbal Henna Mehandi With Extra Conditioning acts as a perfect conditioner, leaving your hair silky smooth. Enjoy the luxurious texture of your hair as it becomes more manageable and tangle-free. Experience the ultimate hydration and precise moisture balance with this herbal formula.

Nourish and Hydrate Your Hair:
This product is specifically formulated to nourish and hydrate your hair, providing it with the essential moisture it needs. The unique blend of ingredients in Jovees Herbal Henna Mehandi With Extra Conditioning ensures that your hair receives optimal hydration, leaving it rejuvenated and healthy-looking. Indulge in the nourishing properties of henna and witness the transformation of your hair.

Unlock the Secret to Soft and Supple Hair:
Unlock the secret to soft and supple hair with Jovees Herbal Henna Mehandi With Extra Conditioning. This exceptional blend of henna and conditioning agents works wonders in providing the perfect balance of moisture and nourishment for your hair. Experience the luxurious feeling of having beautifully conditioned hair that is soft, supple, and full of life.

Purchase Jovees Herbal Henna Mehandi With Extra Conditioning:
To experience the incredible benefits of Jovees Herbal Henna Mehandi With Extra Conditioning, visit and make your purchase. Transform your hair with this exceptional product and unlock the secret to soft, silky-smooth, and nourished hair. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pamper your locks and indulge in the magic of Jovees Herbal Henna Mehandi With Extra Conditioning.



✔ Henna Henna restores the scalp’s pH, strengthens hair follicles, and turns dry, damaged and unhealthy hair soft, shiny, and manageable.

✔ Ginger Extract Brahmi calms down stress, clears the mind, prevents hair fall, treats dry and damaged scalp, treats dandruff, soothes itchiness, and prevents the formation of split ends.

✔ Jojoba Oil Neem treats hair loss, curbs dandruff, strengthens hair follicles, and encourages hair growth. Amla also boosts hair growth, serves as a natural hair conditioner, treats dandruff, and cleanses the scalp.

How to use

How to use

Mix required quantity of Henna and brahmi Herbal Mehandi with lukewarm water and make a paste. Apply over scalp and hair. Leave it on for about an hour. Rinse thoroughly with plain water. Do not shampoo your hair the day Mehandi is applied.

At Jovees, we pick the best herbal and ayurvedic ingredients to craft well-balanced and effective products that nourish your skin and hair. Started in 2004, Jovees products are now available in India, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, France, Maldives, Australia, and Spain. For fresh supply, purchase directly from the manufacturer i.e. Seller Name: Jovees Herbal

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