Khadi Essentials Lip Balm (Wild Rose) – (15ml)

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Say Goodbye to Chapped Lips with Wild Roses Lip Balm

Experience the ultimate hydration and nourishment for your lips with our vitamin E-rich Wild Roses Lip Balm. This lip balm for both women and men is a natural solution to protect your lips from dryness and roughness, leaving them soft, supple, and completely revitalized.

Lighten Dark and Pigmented Lips: The cooling and soothing properties of Wild Roses work wonders in relaxing the skin of your lips. Shield them from harmful UV rays, exfoliate, and naturally brighten your lips, unveiling a rosy, youthful glow.

Plump, Soft, and Supple Lips: Our lightweight lip balm goes beyond surface hydration, penetrating and locking moisture into dry skin cells. Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator, it not only heals but also keeps your lips bright, youthful, and full of vitality.

All-Natural and Organic Goodness: Enriched with superfoods like Shea Butter for moisture and shine, and the soothing properties of Coconut and Castor Oil, this lip balm is a nourishing treat for your lips. Best used post-bath on clean lips, before applying makeup, and before bedtime for an overnight rejuvenation.

No Harmful Chemicals: Embrace a lip care routine that’s free from artificial wax, minerals, chemicals, added fragrances, and colors. Our lip balm is 100% natural and suitable for both men and women, offering pure, organic goodness.

Say hello to irresistibly smooth and rosy lips with our Wild Roses Lip Balm – because your lips deserve the best!

About this item

About this item

GOODBYE CHAPPED LIPS: Rich in vitamin E, the lip balm for women and men naturally hydrates and nourishes the lips, protecting them from dryness and roughness very quickly
LIGHTENS DARK AND PIGMENTED LIPS: The cooling and soothing Wild Roses and their aroma relaxes the skin of the lips, shielding them from UV rays, exfoliate and brighten them naturally
PLUMP, SOFT AND SUPPLE LIPS: The lightweight lip balm penetrates and locks moisture into dry skin cells. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent and tissue regenerator and heals the lips while keeping them bright and youthful
ALL-NATURAL AND ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Shea Butter is a super-food to add moisture and shine. Coconut and Castor Oil help in soothing inflamed and cracked lips. Best used post-bath on clean lips, before using makeup and before bed-time
NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS: Free of artificial wax, minerals, chemicals, added fragrances and colours. It’s 100% natural and suitable for both men and women



Wild Rose Extract, Rose Oil, Champa Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Kokum Butter, Castor Oil, Almond Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Candelilla Wax, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Mulethi, Lotus Flower Extract, Coconut Oil, Geranium Oil, Turmeric Oil

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Original price was: ₹239.Current price is: ₹191.

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