Nat Habit Hibiscus Amla Summer Hair Oil

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Nat Habit Hibiscus Amla Summer Hair Oil: Accelerated Hair Growth and Hairfall Control

Nat Habit Hibiscus Amla Summer Hair Oil available on is a specially formulated hair oil designed to promote accelerated hair growth and control hairfall. It is made with cooling ingredients to cater to summer conditions. This hair oil undergoes a slow heat infusion process of over 10 hours, enriching it with the goodness of fresh hibiscus flowers, hibiscus leaves, amla, neem, brahmi, bel leaves, tulsi, shatavari, anantmool, peppermint, nagarmotha, and more. These ingredients are infused in a blend of oils such as castor, coconut, and mustard. With 16 Ayurvedic herbs, this oil offers maximized results for your hair and scalp.

All the oils used in Nat Habit Hibiscus Amla Summer Hair Oil are PURE Cold Pressed, ensuring the preservation of their natural properties. The oil is free from paraffin, mineral oils, chemicals, and preservatives.

Regular usage of this hair oil provides several benefits:

  • Accelerated hair growth: The unique blend of herbal ingredients in this hair oil helps stimulate hair follicles, promoting faster hair growth.
  • Balding, hair loss & receding hairline reversal: The nourishing properties of the oil help address hair loss concerns, including balding and receding hairlines.
  • Thickening of thin hair: Regular use of this oil helps thicken thin hair, giving it a fuller and voluminous appearance.
  • Hairfall control: The natural ingredients in the oil help control hairfall, reducing breakage and promoting healthier hair.
  • Cold, sinus & headache relief with scalp massage: The scalp massage with this hair oil can provide relief from cold, sinus, and headaches, thanks to the cooling and soothing properties of the infused herbs.
  • Lotus & Tulsi help with physical and mental stress release: The presence of lotus and tulsi in the oil helps in releasing physical and mental stress, providing a calming effect.

Nat Habit Hibiscus Amla Summer Hair Oil is suitable for all hair and scalp types, including oily, dry, normal, curly, colored, chemically treated, and henna-treated hair.

For winter, you can choose Winter Hair Oils available on

Where to Buy:

You can find Nat Habit Hibiscus Amla Summer Hair Oil on, an online portal that offers various brands of organic, vegan, and herbal products. To purchase the oil, use the following keywords: “Nat Habit Hibiscus Amla Summer Hair Oil,” “Buy Nat Habit Hibiscus Amla Summer Hair Oil,” “Hibiscus Amla Summer Hair Oil By Nat Habit,” “Hair Oil By Nat Habit,” or “Summer Hair Oil By Nat Habit.”

About this item

About this item

SEVERE HAIR FALL CONTROL: It has the power of 3 fresh, extremely nutritious green leaves – Neem, Hibiscus and Curry Leaves. It strengthens the hair follicles, moisturises the scalp & minimises hair loss significantly – particularly helpful for hairfall caused by use of chemicals, poor water quality, exposure to pollution & lack of scalp nutrition.
POST PARTUM HAIR FALL: The combination of herbs and curry leaves, hibiscus and Neem leaves make the oil rich in amino acids and various essential nutrients which help to stimulate hair growth, minimise hair fall and strengthen hair follicles – all three are much needed during & post pregnancy.
FRIZZ CONTROL, HAIR SMOOTHENING, HAIR STRAIGHTENING: Ultimate frizz-control. Closes down cuticles. Makes hair straight, ultra-smooth and soft with regular use.
HAIR & SCALP MASSAGE: Excellent for scalp massage enabling hair growth, relief from cold, sinus, headache & stress. Vetiver & Tulsi help in physical and mental stress release.
FRESH MADE in AYURVEDIC KITCHEN EVERYDAY: Prepared everyday AFTER YOU ORDER, with special cooling ingredients for summer care.
AYURVEDIC MEDICINE: 15 AYURVEDIC HERBS infused for maximised results. Certified as Ayurvedic Medicine by the Govt. of AYUSH
SLOW HEAT INFUSED: This oil is enriched for over 10HRS via Slow Heat Infusion of fresh hibiscus leaves, neem, curry leaves, bel leaves, brahmi, tulsi, amla, shikakai, nagarmotha, flax seeds, vetiver, kalonji & more in multiple oils such as castor, coconut & mustard.



Hibiscus Leaves, Neem, Curry Leaves, Bel Leaves, Tulsi, Brahmi, Amla, Neem, Shikakai, Shatavari, Methi, Anantmool, Peppermint, Rose, Vetiver, Jatamansi, Rosemary, Coconut Oil, Castor Oil, Other Herbs and Oils

How To Use

How To Use

Apply generously on scalp and hair. For best results massage well into the scalp and keep it for more than one hour before washing it off.

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